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As LHP prepares for the 2020 Season, we will be posting information and policies regarding the upcoming season with regard to the current pandemic.  Please check here periodically for information.  Club polices for the 2020 season will be posted prior to opening.  Thank you.

Fairfax county guidance for pools:


Please note these are initial polices that will change over time.  Please check back regularly.

The playground is available for use at own risk as is. No sanitation or cleaning are provided. Parents are responsible for children while using the playground.

Sandbox, foosball table, ping-pong table, and tetherball are unavailable (for now).

Only tennis and pickle-ball is allowed on the courts (no basketball, no wall ball)-Reservations handled by Advantage Tennis , use of park facilities on emergency basis only.  Must check in and enter through the park to be screened.

Reservation schedule for club visits = 2-hour sessions, 30 min between sessions.

All children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to bath house.

No party reservations

No guests (for now)

4 people max in bath houses.
Reservations required for club access. Max 87 people to start phase 3.  Numbers may be adjusted as allowed under VDH guidelines and based on member compliance with the rules.

Main Pool

  • The pool will be divided into 10 zones and one dedicated lap lane. Any free zones are available to households on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Lanes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 will be divided into two zones. Lane 3 will be dedicated as a lap swimming lane for up to four swimmers. A zone is the area between each end of the pool and the yellow rings on the lane lines.
  • The area between the yellow rings is a buffer zone. No swimming or other activity is allowed in the buffer zone. There will be buckets on the pool deck to help delineate the zones and the lap lane.
  • One family unit may enter a zone. It is free swim for households within their zone, and family members do not have to socially distance within their zone.
  • Every 20 minutes guards will blow their whistle for swimmers to exit the pool to allow others a chance to use enter and use a zone. If zones remain empty after 3-5 minutes, swimmers who had been in the pool may renter.
  • Diving well will continue to operate as usual, but remember your child must pass the swim test to use the diving well.

Wading Pool

  • Will be open from 10:00 to 9:00
  • One household at a time will be allowed to use the wading pool. Enter via the door by the pump house and exit via the door closest to the shade structure.
  • The same 20 minute rule we are using for the main pool will be in effect for the wading pool. Families must vacate the wading pool when the guards blow the whistle from the main pool.


  • Weekly - Members can reserve one preferred time slot up to a week in advance.
  • Daily - Each morning, if any time slots are not filled, members are free to make reservations for as many visits as they want that day.  


All members will be screen prior to entry.
Items left will be collected after each session, and deposited in lost and found somewhere outside gatehouse.  Items will be disposed of at club close.

Dining tables will be available first come first serve and will be appropriately spaced.  Members will not be allowed to move the tables.

Snack bar staffing will be reduced to a single individual to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Available items at snack bar will be reduced to include only ready to eat food items and canned/bottled drinks.Member charge or credit only.

All deck chairs and tables will be removed, stored, and locked.

Volleyball court will only be available to a single family unit.  Members must bring their own volleyball.

No equipment rental of any kind.

Swim team practice prior to official park open under restricted guidelines.

First hour reservation slot with reduced numbers for members needing members extra caution

Our members’ responsibility and commitment to our safety

Any member exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illness will not be allowed in the park.

Everyone must answer screening questions from VDH prior to entry.

Social distancing is required at all times between family units.Members should follow and social distancing markings and guidelines for entry, exit, grill, while on the deck, and use of the bath house.

Social distancing should be practiced at all times when practical with Park employees and Lifeguards.

We recommend members shower at home before coming to the pool because the bath house facilities will be limited to 4 people max.

Members encouraged to bring their own chairs as none will be available at the park.

Members encouraged to bring their own small pop-up tents and shade systems

The snack bar area is exclusively for purchasing snack bar items.

All swimmers must be potty trained to use the pool, no swim diapers will be allowed at this time.

All non family unit swimmers must remain 10 feet apart.

Masks are always required when in the club except when in the pool, your family’s reserved “bubble,” or walking to enter the pool from the bubble.

Anyone refusing to, or incapable of, adhering to the new policy/procedures will be asked to leave the park for the day.Multiple infractions may mean suspension of member privileges

The LHP board is meeting weekly.  In addition, our President Don McIlwain is meeting with presidents from the other area pools.  If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, please feel free to contact Don through the club email: